Provision of information regarding the processing of personal data


Global Transport Solutions Holding processes personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Global Transport Solutions Holding processes data of, among others, persons and company representatives who want to make use of the services of Global Transport Solutions Holding, such as customers. Global Transport Solutions Holding additionally processes data of auxiliary persons, appointed to carry out the agreements with Global Transport Solutions Holding, experts, transport companies and other persons who are involved in the execution or preparation of agreements, insofar that processing of personal data is required in order to provide an optimal service.


Global Transport Solutions Holding collects and processes names, address, (mobile) telephone numbers, fax numbers and IP addresses. This list is not limitative.


Global Transport Solutions Holding may also process personal data after the consent of the data subject has been obtained. This permission is primarily granted by filling out a contact form on our website or via any means of communication. Processing exclusively takes place for the specific purpose for which the permission has been granted, such as making an offer, sending a newsletter or answering questions.


Global Transport Solutions Holding does not store personal data longer than necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was processed, with due observance of legal requirements.

Data transfer

Personal data processed by Global Transport Solutions Holding will only be transferred to third parties (inside or outside the EU) if this is necessary for the performance of an agreement concluded by Global Transport Solutions Holding or for pre-contractual measures, or after permission expressly granted by the data subject, or pursuant to the law. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Global Transport Solutions Holding will endeavor to take appropriate safeguards that provide an adequate level of protection before transferring personal data to partners in countries outside the EU or European Economic Area.

Security of personal data

Global Transport Solutions Holding has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures which guarantee an appropriate level of protection considering the risks. The risks are identified and documented in the Global Transport Solutions Holding Data Processing Register. These measures aim to protect data and prevent destruction, modification, unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized access to personal data et al. The IT Department of Global Transport Solutions Holding takes all measures immediately, that are necessary to limit consequences in the event of unauthorized access to the Global Transport Solutions Holding systems. An unexpected data leak is immediately reported in accordance with the applicable legislation.

View, change & remove

Unless the law determines the contrary, you always have the right to view your personal data and to request adjustment or removal thereof. Please send your request to the Managing Director of the office handling your account. You can also contact her with complaints concerning the processing of personal data, if applicable.

Data Protection Authority

The GDPR gives you the right to file a complaint about processing of personal data with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

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